About Us

Meet the founder

Ryan Graham (’21) was a computer science major and communications minor from Milwaukee, WI. Since his early involvements, Ryan has cultivated a passion for creativity and social entrepreneurship. These passions followed Ryan into CSBSJU, as he was accepted into the Entrepreneur Scholars program his sophomore year, and received the Man of Extraordinary Service recognition during his first year.

Following junior year, Ryan became the Product Partner at Milwaukee-based startup "The Way Out," leveraging his background in creativity and tech to reduce recidivism in America. Since high school, Ryan fell in love with the opportunity to leave an impact through social entrepreneurship, and is excited to create more opportunities for students on campus through Collegeville Keepsakes.



Osbaldo Matias (’20) was a computer science major and communications minor from Immokalee, FL. He was the Vice President of CSBSJU’s Exploring Latin American Cultures Club and served as communications chair for the senior class committee, where he developed an interest in philanthropy.

During his time at CSBSJU, he started and ran a successful dorm barber shop, OB’s Barbershop. Combining his passions for philanthropy and entrepreneurship, Osbaldo hopes to use Collegeville Keepsakes to give back to the community that gave so much to him.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When when I receive my Abbey snow globe?

We will begin shipping our initial batch of 140 globes to customers starting June 2022, but we could face some delays at the shipping ports. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on shipping information. We will send an update May 2022.

What will packaging look like?

All snow globes come securely packaged in a 8x8 box custom with a custom styrofoam casing. 

Where are your keepsakes made?

We choose the best manufacturers for each of our unique keepsakes, so they're never all made in one place. The globes of our Abbey snow globes are made in China, but the base's origin will depend on the model:

Our Abbey Bell Banner - Classic Pinewood base & globe are made in China.

Our Abbey Bell Banner - Abbey Oakwood globe is made in China, base is designed and assembled at Saint John's University

Will there be a Bennie keepsake?

Yes, the future of Collegeville Keepsakes is expansive! We've designed a total of 7 keepsakes, each tying back to unique elements of CSBSJU. Mini ecosystems, impossible bottles, etc. We're using this first cycle of Abbey snow globes to build a foundation we can scale.

What schools do you work with?

We love tight knit communities with a strong sense of school spirit. Need a unique keepsake made for your university? Contact Collegeville Keepsakes today and inquire about a keepsake consultation.